Top 10 Engineering colleges in Bangalore [UPDATED]

Engineering colleges are in huge numbers in Bangalore. Did you just finish your 12th exams? Are you looking for joining a prestigious engineering college in Bangalore? If the answers to both the questions are yes then read on. In this article, we will suggest you top 10 engineering colleges in Bangalore.


Before providing top 10 engineering colleges list, we assume you have written any of the following entrance exams:

The first two tests are applicable to the domiciles of Karnataka only. However, you can take up the COMEDK exam if you belong to other states. In case you have not written any of the exams mentioned then you can still take up admission through the management quota. Generally, the fees of the management quota are higher than that of COMEDK(depending on the college). We recommend you to write the entrance exam instead of paying management fees. If you somehow missed the COMEDK/CET exam then you should personally visit your desired college for the management quota admission process. Admission through consultancies will cost you more because the consultancy firm will keep a margin for their consultancy fees.

Why should you know the top 10 engineering colleges list?

Before you go ahead and explore the top 10 engineering colleges, remember that 2900 seats were vacant in 2017. And 50% seats were vacant across the country last year. This clearly indicates that the engineering is losing its charm. The main reason for this is the unemployment even after getting the engineering degree. The 60% of engineering graduates were unemployed last year.

Since the placements in the colleges have decreased drastically, it’s important to know which college can provide you the placement when you graduate. Getting jobs don’t depend on the college only. It depends on so many other factors as well. We will cover those factors in another article. In this article, we are listing top 10 engineering colleges in Bangalore.

1. Ramaiah Institute of Technology

2. RV College of Engineering

3. B.M.S. College of Engineering

4. PES University

5. BMS Institute of Technology and Management

6. Sir M. Visvesvaraya Institute of Technology

7. BNM Institute of Technology

8. Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering

9. RNS Institute of Technology

10. PES Institute of Technology, Bangalore South Campus

* The top 5 colleges on this list are kept as per MHRD ranking 2017. The other colleges are listed as per various media reports.

The last 5 colleges are also good in terms of placement. If you are planning to join engineering in Bangalore then you should always target to secure a place in one of the top 5 colleges. If you don’t get a seat in top 5 colleges due to lower rank then try to grab a seat in at least last 5 colleges mentioned above. To get a seat in the top 5 colleges you need really good rank.

Top 10 Engineering colleges
BMSIT Entrance

1. Ramaiah Institute of Technology

The discussion on the engineering colleges can’t be completed without the mention of this college. Some renowned professors like Ganesh Rao taught here in the past. Many good books are written by professors of this college.

Founded in 1962, this college is most demanded during the counseling time. Securing rank under 500-1000 will increase your chances to get a seat in this college.

The placement is very good and graduates get 7.66LPA on average. This is the reason this college holds number one position in top 10 Engineering colleges list in Bangalore.

Ramaiah Institute is located in north Bangalore. The main USP of this college is that students don’t have to rely on the Mess food(not good at most colleges). There are plenty of options available. There are many messes available in the vicinity of this college.

Since Ramaiah is located in the urban area, there are many Xerox centers to get the xerox done. In simple words, students enjoy this college when college locality is taken into the consideration. Some cases of drug abuses have been seen in recent years.

This college is autonomous meaning the college professors will be your boss. Autonomous colleges have some advantages over the nonautonomous ones. Also, there are few factors which make nonautonomous colleges a better choice. You can read about advantages and disadvantages of autonomous colleges here.

Update: Currently Ramaiah holds rank 33[NIRF] on MHRD website.

2. RV College of Engineering

RV college, established in 1963,  is an autonomous college. Unlike Ramaiah, this college is on the outskirt. This leads to unavailability of many facilities which you can avail in Ramaiah college. This college is the hub of nerds. RVCE is known for its students grabbing most numbers of gold medals. In 2008, this college’s students grabbed most number of gold medals.

During counseling time, the seats fill very fast. The cutoff rank for CSE was below 500. CSE & ECE are the branches which had best placements in the recent years. You can see the placement statistics here.

3. B.M.S College of Engineering

Founded in 1946, this college is the first Private college in India. This college is located near the famous Bull temple. Till 2008 it was under Vtu but after 2008 it became an autonomous college. The government of Karnataka partially funds this college. To get a seat in this college you should secure a rank below 1000. Almost 80% students are getting jobs after graduating from this college. Even students from its sister institute attend the placement drive here sometimes. BMS Institute of technology is on the outskirt so companies prefer the BMSCE for the placement drives. The placements are open to students of both colleges. This college offers Architecture program as well apart from the regular engineering program.

4. PES University

Earlier than 2013 this university was not a university. PES University was previously PESIT. This college doesn’t take admissions on COMEDK basis anymore. This is also not under VTU. If you want to join this university then you must have written PESSAT or CET.

Founded in 1972, this college is among most prestigious colleges of entire Karnataka. It holds number one rank in Karnataka according to DataQuest. Please note that you can’t book a management seat with the help of consultancies. The percentage criteria are 50% aggregate in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics in 12th Std.

The most surprising part is that you need to face a personal interview even to join an undergraduate course. So you can’t be sure that you are going to grab a seat by just passing the PESSAT test.

If you want to know about placements in this university then be assured you will get best placements here.

PESIT is known for strictness so “BUNKERS BE AWARE”. The college monitors attendance closely. Failing to secure minimum attendance can lead to debarment from the exams.

5. BMS Institute of Technology and Management


If you want top class placement and nice environment for studies then don’t look any further. Founded in 2002-2003, this college is best known for the placement. You will get to sit for a huge number of companies. In case your dream company doesn’t come to this college you can always attend that company’s placement drive in BMSCE.

The environment of this college is student friendly and college will never make your brain a “pressure cooker”. This college is not autonomous. Also, you can directly approach this college for management quota admissions.

The main disadvantage of this college is the canteen. It is on the outskirt. So you can’t find good mess or restaurants nearby. You may need to go to Yelahanka for good food which is 5 km far from this college.

6. Sir M. Visvesvaraya Institute of Technology

Without including this college in top 10 Engineering colleges list, the list will be incomplete. Running since 1986 this college is very popular in COMEDK/CET counseling days. The main reason for this is the placement. If you get 60% throughout you can grab good jobs after graduating from this college. The infrastructure, however, is underwhelming. The campus is quite big. The college canteen is not good at all. This college is also on the outskirts. You will rarely find a good mess and restaurants nearby.

Although this college is far from the main city, many core companies visit the campus here. You can sit for core companies in case you don’t like to attend IT companies.

The college is quite strict on attendance. You can’t write the university exam if you don’t have 85 % attendance. Despite being non-autonomous college you need to follow the professors if you need Internal marks.

For nerds, this college is best.

7. BNM Institute of Technology

Since 1972 this college is placed in top 10 colleges list consistently. It is located in Banashankari. If you have rank under 10,000 you can expect a seat in this college. Even if you don’t get a seat in this college during the first round, don’t lose hope because you will definitely get it during the second counseling.

8. Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering(or Bangalore Institute of Technology a.k.a BIT)

Since 1972 this college is very popular among engineering aspirants. The college runs under Vtu. Besides providing good placement this college is situated in a very student-friendly environment just like Ramaiah. At the time of writing this article, 1153 students of 8th sem got jobs according to the website of the college. So placement is not an issue.

This college is mainly criticized because of the students. Drug-addiction is the reason behind this. The students were caught doing drugs multiple times.

This college is very good when you take placements into account. The students from north India prefer this college as there are many north Indian messes close to the college.

If you want the good environment for studies and decent placement then you might consider BIT  as well. Bangalore Institute of Technology started in 1979. This college is infamous for bad infrastructure and very small campus. The quality of education is comparable to other colleges under Vtu(not extraordinary). Faculties are of supportive nature. However, this college is very strict about attendance. To ensure a seat and a good branch of your choice in this college, you need a rank below 5000 in COMEDK. You may get civil engineering if your rank is around 15000(based on last year 2nd round counseling). If locality and infrastructure don’t bother you, we recommend you join this college instead of DSCE.

9. RNS Institute of Technology

If you don’t want bad environment and don’t care about food much, this college should be your choice during counseling. You can grab a seat in this college if you have a rank in the range of 5000-15000. Bangalore times has rated this college in top 10 colleges of Bangalore. This college is also strict for attendance like MVIT. Due to the quality of education, this institute provides it holds a position in our top 10 Engineering colleges list in Bangalore.

10. PES Institute of Technology, Bangalore South Campus

This is the sister institute of PES university. You don’t have to go through PESSAT for admission because this college participates in COMEDK/CET counseling. The admission in this college is relatively easier. In case you missed PES main college, you can always grab a seat in this college through COMEDK or CET. You can expect placement as good as that in the main branch because of the same management.

In this article, we have talked about above colleges after consulting with the students of these colleges. In our top 10 engineering colleges list, we tried to list the pros and cons of each college as much as we knew. If you are the student of any of the above colleges, we would like to know your experience. Please let us know in the comment section below.



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