Summer Top 10 Tips To Beat The Heat

The summer is going harsh on our bodies day by day. This affects our moods and obviously, we get skyrocketed electricity bills. The good news is that you can protect yourself from the heat with simple lifestyle changes. In this article, the tips will definitely help you be cool.

1. Drink plenty of water in summerBeat the heat

Water is the beverage you probably get everywhere. Drinking more water is important to flush toxins in your body. In summer drinking plenty of water becomes even more necessary. Sweating is what causes you to dehydrate soon. Think of a cooler. Cooler works with stored water and a motor to pump the water so that water reaches all three sides of the cooler. If the water will be less, cooler will stop cooling your room.

In the same way, when we feel the heat because of the weather, our internal cooler turns on releasing sweat. Sweat eventually makes you cooler but parallelly making you dehydrated. So to keep you cool and hydrated at the same time you need to drink plenty of water. Since water has no test so people prefer to drink soft drinks. They will also give you relief from the heat but by the cost of putting more calories on to your body.

2. Eat cucumbers and watermelonsbeat the heat

Have you heard people calling someone “cool as a cucumber”? Cucumbers contain 95.23 g water per 100 g. Similarly, watermelons contain 91.45 g water per 100 g. That means they mainly consist of water. If you eat them, you naturally keep your body hydrated. Here is a small tip. Don’t peel the skin of cucumber. Eat it as it is after properly washing it. Cucumber’s skin is a good source of dietary fiber. You can also make juice of cucumbers if you don’t want to eat them.

3. Drink tea/coffee in moderationbeat the heat in summer

Yes, I can understand! You will tell how to be active at work. Some people can’t work without having a dozen cups of coffee. Tea and coffee dehydrate your body and you should reduce the cups of tea/coffee in the summer. Instead of regular black tea, switch to green tea. Green tea is less dehydrating and it contains half the amount of caffeine than that of black tea. It is still point of debate that does tea/coffee dehydrate your body or not? But it is safe to say you should drink tea/coffee in moderation during summer.

4. Prefer cotton dressessummer dress

Cotton dresses are comfortable for your body. On top of the heat, you should never wear a dress which doesn’t let air pass through it. Cotton dresses help your body remain cool by offering more air to it.

5. Drink coconut water

Whenever you think of a soft drink, think twice! Ain’t you forgetting natural cool drink which is packed with minerals? Coconut water is a great energy drink for you because of its health benefits. If you feel dehydrated again and don’t have a bottle of water with you, consider drinking coconut water.

6. Have Papayasummer papaya best food

Due to hot summer days, your body is more prone to inflammations. The vitamins C & E in the papaya helps you fight with such inflammation. Also, papaya contains 80g of water per 100 g. Papaya is also rich in dietary fiber. Papaya can help you stay hydrated for a longer time. The vitamin A in papaya helps your skin be safe from the sun. So consider adding papaya in your breakfast.

7. Eat Mangomango summer fruit

Who doesn’t like mango? This summer fruit contains natural sunscreen. It contains beta-carotene which helps your skin remain healthy. It delays the aging of your skin and maintains its overall texture.

8. Sunscreen

People just feel lazy about applying sunscreen before going out. A good sunscreen can protect your skin from adverse effects of sun rays(UV rays). You also reduce chances of skin cancer after applying the sunscreen. Apply sunscreen to the body parts including the face which may be exposed to the direct sunlight when you travel.

9. Cool showercool shower during summer

Due to sweat, your body may be prone to fungal growth. It is wise to take bath with cool water twice a day minimum. If you are insane you can take bath the third time as well. The cool shower reduces your body temperature thus helps you fight heat well.

10. Aloe vera Juicealoe vera juice in summer

The aloe vera juice is excellent for sunburns. Not only this,  the aloe vera is highly hydrating in nature. You will never be Vitamin B12 deficient if you consume aloe vera on regular basis.

Staying hydrated is the key to fight the summer heat. Eating lots of fruits, drinking more water and avoid caffeinated drinks are few good practices to be healthy in summer. Choosing between coconut water or picking cola is in your hands. Going for the healthier drink like coconut water will not only relieve you from harsh heat but also energize you for a longer time. What will you pick when you get an option to choose between coconut water and soft drinks? Comment down below to tell your thoughts on this.



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