How To Quit Sugar(10 Easy Tips, No Cravings)

Instead of looking for how to quit sugar, you should try to find out how to avoid sugar where ever possible. Well, sugar is not good for health and that we all know. Discussing ill effects of sugar is not the motive of this post.

In this article, I will suggest you the top 10 ways to quit sugar and that too without giving up the sweet completely.

There is still a controversy going on that if sugar is as addictive as cocaine or not? Maybe yes or probably no! But sugar is addictive for sure.

It is really hard to give up or completely cut sugar but it is certainly not impossible. The below top 10 tried and tested ways will help you to say goodbye to sugar.

10 Tips to quit sugar

1. Be motivated to quit sugarquit sugar completely

To complete any task you need motivation. If you are a person who wants to be fit then fitness must be the motivation to be regular at the gym. Same applies to quit sugar. You can make an aim like I need to shed few pounds every month. To achieve this goal you will have to reduce the quantity of sugar gradually day by day until you completely cut it down.

So take a  white sheet or a whiteboard and write down why you need to quit sugar and place it wherever you like to keep yourself motivated until you stop craving for sugar. Also, tell your family members and friends to remind you whenever you tend to crave for anything which has sugar in it.

2. Avoid sugar in tea and Coffeetea coffee without sugar

Many people just hate having tea and coffee without sugar. Tea and Coffee are most commonly consumed beverages in offices and homes. If you are the one who can’t drink these without sugar, better you stop drinking tea and coffee altogether.

Switch to more healthier options like green tea which increases your energy level and concentration in your work.

3. Refrain from drinking Cool drinkssugar in cool drinks

Cool drinks are the easy backdoor for sugar to enter in your body. In summer days, you feel thirsty and try to drink something cool and end up drinking cool drinks which always contain sugar in more or less quantity depending upon the brand.

The best alternative to cool drinks is coconut water which is always refreshing. Coconut water is nutritious as well and that is an added advantage.

4. Say no to stressconnection between stress and sugar

In studies, it has been found that people who live stressfully are more fond of sugar since sugar release dopamine hormones which give us pleasure.

Try to be cool and you will notice you don’t crave for sugar.  If you have an exam or important meeting next day you eat sweets or drink tea, coffee with sugar in a hunt of lowering down the stress level. To reduce the stress you can do yoga and meditation. Also, make habit of drinking water instead of a tea or coffee when you are stressed out due to upcoming exam.

5. Use jaggeryuse jaggery

In case you compulsorily need to make sweet dishes for special occasions, then use jaggery. Jaggery is healthier than sugar. However, using too much jaggery is not good for you if you are weight conscious.

If you want you can add jaggery in your tea if you can’t drink tea without sweetening it. Moreover, jaggery doesn’t taste well with coffee. So if you are a coffee lover then you must drink it without any sweetener.

6. Opt for honeyhoney the great alternative to sugar

Honey is healthier and natural source of sweetness. Many people like to add honey in green tea which is ok if you add a teaspoon in a cup of green tea. Honey is healthier and best alternative to sugar as well. Honey tastes great and has lesser calories than sugar.

7. Prefer banana over sweetsprefer banana over sweets

A ripe banana is sweet in taste and satisfying food on the go. If you like to have something sweet after a meal then you can eat one banana instead of a sweet made up of sugar. Also, if a banana is not available you can have a small portion of jaggery.

8. Check ingredients in a product before purchasingcheck ingredients of Protinex Diabetes Care

Whenever you buy anything from a store, ingredients are mentioned in cover or bottle. So while checking MRP and expiry date, make a habit to check ingredients as well. If sugar is mentioned in ingredients label then look for the alternatives. For example, if you are purchasing a protein supplement then you probably find sugar in ingredients of most protein supplements out there. So you must purchase the one which doesn’t have sugar in it.

9. Do not add sugar in milk and curdsugar in milk

Milk already contains the natural sugar called lactose. Try drinking milk without sugar. In beginning, you may not like it but over time you will start liking the taste of milk and find it sweet enough.

Likewise milk, curd also has natural sugar in it. If you eat fresh curd, you don’t need sugar at all.

10. Make ice creams at homemake ice creams at home with honey

If you can’t live without ice creams then make them at home. You can add honey and make delicious ice creams at home itself. Adding cinnamon like flavoring agents will make your icecreams mouth watering.


Sugar is already present in most edible things on this planet. You need not add extra sugar to your favorite dishes and beverages. Avoiding sugar can help you lose weight faster if you do regular exercises. Even if you walk 10000 steps daily you will lose weight consistently provided you have cut down sugar completely. Natural sugar which is present in fruits, milk, and honey are enough for you so you need not consume sugar additionally. I would like to know your opinion on giving up sugar. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.










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