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Flaxseeds are “SUPERFOODS”. In this article, we are going to discuss health benefits of flake seeds.

Flake seeds have immense health benefits. Firstly they have anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids(different than that fish has). Also, they contain antioxidant substances called lignans.Lignans are responsible for hormonal balance along with other wonderful health benefits.

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These seeds are beneficial for sugar addicts. They help digestion. They reduce chances of cancer. Improving your skin health, lowering cholesterol, balancing hormones are few health benefits of flaxseeds. Not only these, flaxseeds have several other health benefits which you will learn further in this article.


Flaxseeds look like brown or golden-colored seeds and also known as linseeds. They are high in fiber and healthy fats. Additionally, they contain minerals like manganese, thiamine and magnesium; and plant-based protein. Flaxseeds are the richest source of plant-based omega-3 fatty acids and lignans in the human diets. Lignans are antioxidant substances which help you fight diseases.

How to include flaxseeds in your diet?

The best way to have these seeds is to grind it into powder. You can have it with a luke-warm glass of water in early morning. Make sure you have it empty stomach and don’t have anything in the next hour. Flaxseeds are best up to half an hour after grinding. So you should always have it as soon as you grind it. The taste is not bad at all so taste should not be a problem for most people. The recommended serving for an adult is two teaspoons. That for a minor is one teaspoon. Flaxseeds are available in most grocery stores at affordable prices.

Following benefits will surely compel you to include flaxseeds in your diet.

  1. Helps digestion problem
  2. Good for skin and hair
  3. Helps Lower Cholesterol
  4. Gluten-Free, unlike other grains
  5. Antioxidants (Lignans) rich
  6. Cancer prevention
  7. Helps hormonal imbalances
  8. Weight loss
  9. Prevents Cardiovascular disease
  10. Reduces risk of diabetes

Helps digestion problem

The ALA in flaxseeds can be helpful to reduce inflammation and protect the lining of the GI tract. People with Crohn’s disease and other digestive ailments are benefited by flaxseeds. The friendly bacteria in your colon are supported by fiber in flaxseeds which helps in keeping your system clean. Basically, you become free from waste.

Flaxseeds help regular bowel movement since they are very high in soluble and insoluble fiber. They are the best natural remedy for constipation as they can help bulk up the stool. They flush waste from the GI tract due to its gel-like quality. Magnesium and other nutrients are present in flaxseeds which further helps digestive health by making the stool soft naturally.

Good for skin and hair

Is your hair dull? Don’t worry. Flaxseed contains essential fatty acids as well as B vitamins. So they reduce the dullness of hair and make it shinier, stronger and damage resistant.

In case of acne; rosacea and eczema, Flaxseed can be a magic for you. Also, it helps in the dryness of eyes because of it’s lubricating nature.

Helps Lower Your Cholesterol

The soluble fiber content of flaxseed prevents absorption of fat and cholesterol in the digestive system. This naturally reduces cholesterol levels. More is the production of bile(made from cholesterol in the gallbladder), lesser will be the cholesterol in the blood. Soluble fiber helps in the more production of bile. Also, your gallbladder works better than before.

Gluten-Free unlike other grains

Most grains contain gluten. Gluten-containing grains are hard to digest. Because of flax’s liquid absorbing nature and being gluten-free, it helps you to digest other grains which you consume regularly.

Antioxidants (Lignans) rich

The more you take antioxidant food you consume, lesser will be the chances that you get a disease. Flax is packed with antioxidants called lignans. Lignans protect us from free radicals attack. This helps you age slowly. Other foods that help to slow down the aging are beans, berries, nuts etc. Lignans also help you fight viral and bacterial diseases.

Cancer prevention

These wonderful seeds can prevent certain types of cancers like breast, prostate, ovarian and colon cancer. Women can reduce the chances of breast cancer drastically if they include flaxseed in their diet. The lignans increase the level of estrogens in the body which balances hormones in the body. If hormones are balanced then women are less likely to get breast cancer.

The flaxseeds restrict oxygen and nutrients to the tumors in the body. Tumors need oxygen and nutrients to grow and spread which indeed is stopped by flaxseeds. Due to its fiber-rich nature, you are less likely to get colon cancer. The best way to consume them is to grind in a grinder and have mixed with juices or even with a mild hot glass of water.

Helps  hormonal imbalances

The lignans found in flaxseeds are the natural remedy for hormonal imbalances. Lignans have estrogenic properties. So they help menstruating women. The omega-3 fatty acids found in flaxseeds helps in healthy hormone production.

Weight loss

The healthy fats and fiber present in flax seeds keep you full for longer time. You consume fewer calories so you lose weight fast. They increase your body metabolism so you lose weight naturally if you do workouts.

Prevents Cardiovascular disease

The omega-3s are present in the flaxseeds. So they decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease by anti-inflammatory action and maintaining the heartbeat. If a person has high blood pressure, these seeds lower it naturally. These seeds also help to reduce bad cholesterol in your body.

Reduces risk of diabetes

You can eliminate the chances of diabetes type-2 by consuming flaxseeds. These seeds improve blood sugar. The fiber richness is another reason. They also prevent insulin spikes, a major cause of diabetes. Include this superfood in your breakfast and reduce chances of diabetes drastically.


Nowadays fast foods are consumed more frequently. This leads to the formation of free radicals in your body. The more free radicals are formed in the body, more will be the chances of illness. If you include flaxseeds in your diet then chances are less that you will consume fast foods. Since flaxseeds keep you full for longer so your craving for street foods reduces. Flaxseeds are rich in protein as well. We hope you will include flaxseeds in your diet after knowing so many health benefits of them.



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