The motive of this site is to help users know the unique and interesting information be it health,   education, blogging etc. Since new products are launched every day and it is difficult to incorporate all the products information on this site, users are advised to cross-check and then decide which product is best for them.

Blog.GyanGoggles.com will not accept any responsibility for any financial consequences that may arise from the information provided herein.

Blog.GyanGoggles.com provides reviews of the health product and is not endorsing it. We will never do any paid reviews. In most cases, the Manufacturers send us the review unit and in some cases, we buy the products from the market or we borrow it from our friends. At times we do use affiliate links that will take the users directly to the shopping page, we do get the commission if any purchases are made (with no extra cost to the visitor of this site).

At Blog.GyanGoggles.com, we provide information related to trending topics. We make sure the information we provide is true however, users are requested to do research before coming to any conclusion.

Please note that at Blog.GyanGoggles.com we do not believe in spamming, and all email subscriptions go through a validation process. The users get an email with a link that they need to click to activate the subscription. The email subscriptions are not activated automatically. Users, however, can always unsubscribe to email services whenever they want.




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