10 Tips To Get Up Early In The Morning

The biggest challenge for most of us is “To get up early in the morning”.  No matter when you fall on the bed at night, it becomes extremely difficult for you to get up early in the morning.

Early risers are not only successful but also healthier throughout their lives. There is also an old saying “Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”. So you are better off getting up early if you have a habit of getting up late-Lateef.

In this article, I have listed out 10 tips to get up early in the morning which I have used personally to get up early. You may find it awkward to get up early for few days. Once you followed the below-mentioned tips for 21 days, chances are more that you will never press the snooze button on your alarm or tap snooze option in your phone’s alarm.

Tips to get up early in the morningtop 10 tips to get up early in the morning

Prior to jumping on to the list of tips, make sure you have a good quality physical alarm with gradually increasing sound effect.  Such ringtones are better than those which suddenly start at loud volume and continue to ring at the same volume. Such ringtones make you irritated and you tend to snooze the alarm more frequently. If you don’t have such alarm, then download a ringtone on your phone which has gradually increasing-sound effect. If you can’t find your favorite ringtone with such effect, you can always make one using Audacity software. Once you have that ringtone with you, set the alarm and choose that ringtone with highest possible volume. Now set the alarm at any desired time. Next, you should follow below tips to get success in getting up early.

1. Sleep in a room free from disturbances

People end up sleeping late at night just because they don’t get to sleep at right time due to noisy surroundings. This may happen because of a neighbor partying or any member of your family watching TV at high volume.

A few years back when I was staying in a rented house, my neighbors used to talk standing next to my bedroom window. Well, I requested them to not to talk loudly but they never bothered to anything and continued the same thing.

If there is such case with you, request to the person disturbing your sleep once to stop spoiling your sleep. If not succeeded, just buy an earplug which basically isolates you from surrounding noises. You can get earplugs on Amazon here.

To get rid of external noise
Source: Amazon India


2. Eat less

This method I have used in my exam days when I needed to get up early and revise my lessons. Eating less in your last meal is not only healthy but also it doesn’t make you lazy, unlike a heavy meal. If you eat less, you feel fresh in the morning and it helps you to get out of the bed easily.

3. Finish your dinner before 8 pm

According to Ayurveda, you should eat your dinner before 8 pm. The late night dinner is not good for your overall health as doing so makes you lethargic. Eat before 8 pm daily and see the difference yourself.

4. Make to-do list

to do list for morning

Most people fall asleep again after getting up early just because they don’t have a to-do list. Why do you get up early easily if you need to catch a train early morning? Or why you don’t even require an alarm if you have an exam early morning? The answer to these questions is easy. Your subconscious mind doesn’t require an external alarm on these special occasions. I have managed to get up before the alarms rang when I had important exams.

So if you make a habit of making the to-do list for the morning before going to bed, you will never snooze the alarm again.

5. Use an App like Alarmy

alarmy best alarm app

If you own a smartphone especially Android then you should definitely try Apps like Alarmy. Alarmy is made by targeting snoozers in mind. You get to face challenges which you need to set yourself while setting the alarm. The challenge can be doing the arithmetic operation or shaking the mobile few numbers of times to dismiss the alarm. Unless you don’t complete the challenge, you can’t snooze or dismiss the alarm which makes sure you finally get out of sleep.

6. Turn on DND modeairplane mode

No matter how hard you try to stay away from disturbances while sleeping, the notification always creeps into your phone. So it is best to keep your phone in DND mode. Otherwise keep it in airplane mode altogether to have a sound sleep.  Also, keeping the phone in airplane mode ensures that you face less exposure to mobile radiation which is harmful to your health.

7. Keep your phone away

If you keep your phone at least 10 meters far it has two advantages. First, you need to get up and walk to reach out your mobile. In this case, you probably manage to get out of bed. The second advantage is that you don’t get disturbed much with the notifications creeping into your mobile. And obviously, you don’t have fear of exposure to radiation as well.

8. Drink water before going to bed

It is not advisable to drink a full glass of water because it will disturb your sleep as you may feel an urge to go to pee in between your sleep. Unless you take a continuous six hours sleep, you will definitely choose to snooze the alarm as you think the sleep was incomplete.

You can drink one fourth or half glass of water before going to bed. To pee, you will get up and succeed in getting up early in the natural way. This method is kind of hit and trial which may or may not work for you but it’s worth trying.

9. Reward yourself for getting up earlyreward yourself when you get up early

Remember your school days? You must have enjoyed and scored well in subjects which were taken by teachers who always praised you when you answered a question in the class. Your brain loves doing what it gets a reward for. A singer won’t sing if everyone starts criticizing him/her. To get the motivation to do something again, you need a reward for your achievement. Well, you can reward your self like this: Hey (your name)! well done! you got up early morning today. Also, you can treat your self with your favorite food for this achievement. This will make your brain think that getting up early is the cool thing to do as it gets pleasure out of it.

10. Avoid monotonic routine

Our brain loves something new. If you do the same thing every day after getting into a monotonic way it will not make you feel good. You get bored out of it and tend to avoid getting up early. Make a to-do list in an interesting way. Like this: 1. Play your favorite game 2. Read an article on Reddit 3. Go for a walk etc. You should shuffle these task every day to make your morning hours interesting. Do first what interests you. Don’t fall asleep again if you enjoy sleeping. 😛


To get up early in the morning you should sleep early at a fixed time. You should get a quality sleep as just numbers of hours are not important.  Apart from above 10 tips, you need to maintain a good diet as well because it influences your sleep quality. Almonds, milk and other nuts help you sleep better while oily food hinders your sleep thus making your lethargic. Avoiding tea or Coffee 6 hours before going to bed is always helpful in a sound sleep. To get up early in the morning all you need is a strong determination. Tell your favorite method to get up early in the morning by commenting down below.





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